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Van Raam Velo Plus 2velo plus 2

Hase Kettweisel

Following on from the Trets Trike is its big brother and inspiration, the Hase Kettwiesel. The Kettwiesel is an award winning recumbent trike that allows you to fit as many together as you wish through an ingeniously versatile trailer adaptor. You can test-ride the Kettwiesel Tandem Trike at our Dulwich Park hire centre. Please call for an apointment.

Side by Sideside by side

Hase Pino

Also on two wheels is the Hase Pino, putting the 'passenger' at the front and in a recumbent position allows you to keep a good eye on them and makes conversation really easy. The same Pino will fit children from the age of 3 and adjusts really easily all the way to taking full sized adults.

Trets Trailer Bike

There's plenty more ways to carry family members and friends at London Recumbents....Including the Trets trailer bike - a recumbent trailer trike, with two wheels at the back and even an option to turn it into a fully functioning Trike. The Trets Trike fits children from around 3 years of age up-to 9.

Hase Hand-Cyclehase hand cycle

Lepushase lepus


We are an agent for BionX motors, Rohloff Speedhub and Schlumpf transmissions systems, they can be fitted to many of our bikes. We also supply Duets fitted with Heinzmann electric motors.

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